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Background Articles

To help you get started, we’ve added some articles with general info and background on epigenetic clocks and longevity research.

Basic Lifestyle Steps

We’ve compiled some articles with basic lifestyle steps you can take to help improve your health & life expectancy.  These are considered conventional wisdom, so not controversial or particularly new, but they remain important!  One reason is that if you want to enroll in new longevity trials sometimes only healthy individuals are eligible, so it’s important to be close or near what’s considered optimal health for your age.

About Expert Predictions

A major goal of ours is to provide objective & quantifiable biomarkers and clear success criteria for longevity clinical trials.     One reason is because

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Longevity Treatment Reviews

We’ve summarized research on drugs and supplements when individuals have reporting using them for anti-aging research, to help everyone to better understand the risk-benefit profile for each.  Feel free to send us new ideas and we’ll look into them!


Name: Metformin Class: Biguanide antidiabetic drug Alias(es): CAS# 657-24-9, Synonym: 1,1-Dimethylbiguanide, Brand Names   Background: Metformin, is a biguanide, a type of glucose lowering medication,

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Name: Dasatinib Class: Drug (selective tyrosine kinase receptor inhibitor that is prescribed for certain types of leukemia) Alias(es): CAS# 302962-49-8; Trade names: Sprycel; Dasanix Background:

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Name: Quercetin Class: flavonol supplement Alias(es): CAS# 117-39-5, 5,7,3′,4′-flavon-3-ol; Sophoretin; Meletin; Quercetine; Xanthaurine;   Quercetol; Quercitin; Quertine; Bio-Quercetin; Flavin meletin Background: Quercetin is a flavonoid

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Media Coverage

ClockFoundation-Logo-White-Blue-Bg.png is the community branch of the Clock Foundation, a longevity research-oriented, non-profit based in Los Angeles.


Disclaimer:  We not provide medical advice.  Please consult your personal physician before initiating any new anti-aging or longevity treatment. 


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