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About Us is the community branch of the Clock Foundation, a longevity research-oriented, non-profit based in Los Angeles.

The Epigenetic Clock Development Foundation (“Clock Foundation”) is a UCLA spin-out and non-profit that is speeding the availability of treatments that prolong health and life expectancy.  We are focused especially on the use of epigenetic aging clocks and adaptive clinical trials. We will identify and develop key enabling technologies that are critical for this mission, identify promising teams that are able to use them, and make them available to our partners, including researchers, physicians/clinics, contract research organizations, and drug development companies.

Epigenetic aging clocks are strong indicators of biological age, the reversal of which promises to lower the risk of multiple chronic diseases and to preserve the immune system. Both human studies and preclinical studies indicate that epigenetic clocks are a promising surrogate endpoint for anti-aging clinical trials. 

We aim to reduce the cost of epigenetic testing, to carry out mechanistic studies, and to develop increasingly powerful biomarkers for predicting healthspan and lifespan (including a rapid, safe and effective testing regime for humans, model organisms, and companion pets as well). We will provide testing and analysis of several biomarkers of aging including epigenetic aging clocks, markers of immunosenescence, and organ dysfunction. This work will culminate in qualifying several biomarkers of aging as surrogate trial endpoints.

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About the team
Dr. Steve Horvath

Dr. Steve Horvath

Co-Founder and a Primary Developer of Epigenetic Aging Clocks, 
Professor in Human Genetics and Biostatistics at UCLA
My research is the intersection of biostatistics, computational biology, genetics, epidemiology, machine learning, and systems biology.  I have a major focus overall on aging and gerontology studies. In other words, I use mathematics to uncover how DNA is affected by the environment, lifestyle (like diet and exercise), aging, and by anti-aging treatments.
This has lead to the discovery of highly accurate epigenetic clocks like the pan-tissue “Horvath clock,” as well as newer mortality & morbidity predictors like PhenoAge and GrimAge.  These measures let us deduce our biological age as a proxy of health status (rather than just our chronological age). 

I’m excited to bring our research tests to anyone who wants to quantify their age and to participate in anti-aging clinical trials today. 
Robert T. (Bobby) Brooke

Robert T. (Bobby) Brooke

Clock Foundation Executive Director; Bioengineer and Biotech Entrepreneur

I currently lead a diverse team of biomedical researchers, technologists and creatives at Clock Foundation where we are advancing longevity research through our epigenetic  clocks, biological age tests, and citizen science!  If you’re interested in getting involved, please feel free to reach out or connect with me on LinkedIn.

I am also the CEO & CTO at Intervene Immune, a biotech startup I co-founded with Dr. Greg Fahy, where we are pioneering new treatments for thymus regeneration and reversal of age-related immune system decline. 

Once upon a time I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 

Let’s Stay In Touch is the community branch of the Clock Foundation, a longevity research-oriented, non-profit based in Los Angeles.


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